Who and Why?

Brendan Shoreland is an experienced musician in a virtual world. David Walton worked at a local library. Brendan has established a reputation for good quality performance wrapped in a professional attitude. David is known for being conscientious, consistent, reliable, calm, co-operative and flexible.

Brendan is a performer with an artistic disposition. David lives quietly and modestly. The time has come to bring something of Brendan’s world into David’s life. This web site is part of that process.

For those of you unfamiliar with Second Life, it’s a Virtual World. It’s a community rather than a game, though you can play games within it. I’ve been a member since 2006 and have met many lovely, talented and cultured people because of it.
Like moving to a new town, you look around for the places you want to go to, the things you like to do and the people you like to hang out with.

If you’re a musician thinking about a new way of presenting your stuff, I suggest that you join Second Life (for free) and check it out as a tourist for a month or so. Go and listen to other musicians to get a sense of the standard your competitors are setting. The bar isn’t particularly high, though you’ll come across some outstanding musicianship from time to time. Check out the system for notifying people of forthcoming gigs. You’ll come across “professional” managers and promoters. As in real life, very few are worth the money. Do your own thing in your own way until you find your feet and figure out what help you need – if any. There is plenty of informed advice and support available from great people who are happy to give short-term help for free.

Brendan's working space in real life

What Brendan looks like during a performance

In case you’re wondering, regardless of what you see in Second Life, this is what is really happening in the real world, including the increasingly famous squeaky chair!