YOUR Vocal Range

Have you wondered what your vocal range is? If you’ve ever belonged to a choir, you probably know. Or at least you knew what it was then. Everyone’s vocal range changes throughout their lives. You don’t have to be able to sing every note throughout the range from bottom to top – though if you can, you should get in touch with a choir or singing teacher, since you have an exceptional gift! It’s more about working out which range is the most comfortable for you to sing in.

Here is a guide to the seven main ranges. It isn’t a definitive guide, but it will give you a good idea in case you’re ever asked. And in case you’re wondering, Brendan is a tenor!

BASS – between the piano notes D2 to E4

BARITONE – between piano notes G2 to G4

TENOR – between piano notes C3 to B4

COUNTER TENOR – between the piano notes of G3 to C6

ALTO – between the piano notes of E3 to F5

MEZZO-SOPRANO – between the piano notes of G3 to A5

SOPRANO – between the piano notes of B3 to G6. Here I’ve presented the notes as flute and piccolo, since they give a better rendering than the piano does.