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Of course it would be best if you formulate your own description of me on any publicity material, but if you don’t know me well enough, or you’re struggling for ideas, here are a few quotes picked up over the last ten years or so. Please feel free to rephrase, paraphrase or otherwise maul the given text.

A seasoned veteran of the Second Life live music circuit, Brendan refuses to be seduced by the lure of backing tracks. During more than ten years of virtual world performance, he listens carefully to any feedback and tries to establish a repertoire that appeals to a wide variety of tastes across the genres of traditional folk and more contemporary popular music.

Performing his own material or favourite covers, the story is everything. Brendan aims to tell the story with precision and clarity. His meticulous guitar playing serves to underpin the story and lead you towards a rounded and satisfying experience.

Brendan Shoreland has delivered over one thousand Second Life performances and has always remained true to his principle that live music should be exactly that. No backing tracks and no special effects; just one voice and one guitar emanating from south west England.

Brendan has worked hard at developing and extending a repertoire that appeals to anyone with eclectic tastes. Ranging from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin through to four hundred year old folk songs and a selection of self-penned songs, his audience rarely knows what’s coming next.

Live music in Second Life has given Brendan opportunities that were unimaginable a generation ago, so he takes what he does seriously, ever striving to improve the quality of his performance in all respects and to exhibit professionalism in all aspects of his musical activities.

Modus Operandi
At the beginning, I’ll commit myself to one or perhaps two gigs. Then we’ll know if we feel comfortable with each other. If it doesn’t go well, we can part as friends. If all does go well, we can think about a regular slot in your calendar. I prefer venues who are prepared to offer me one hour every two weeks on the same day and at the same time. I’m UK based and have a full-time day job, so a start time of 10.00am to 2.00pm PDT is what works best for me. However, work can get in the way, so please don’t assume that I’ll be available without checking.

Tips only is fine by me.

Charity/benefit events
If I’m a regular performer at your venue and you do an occasional charity event – Race For Life, for example – I’ll happily fit in with that arrangement.

Please copy and paste any picture that suits your venue style and preferred format.

Publicity shot of Brendan Shoreland


Publicity shot of Brendan Shoreland
Publicity shot of Brendan Shoreland
Publicity shot of Brendan Shoreland