July 2020

Sunday 19th July

Or else there is this version – a touch heavier on the heavenly choir!

As I feared, going back to work has seriously compromised the amount of time I spend creating music. However, I was able to tweak a new piece called Lock Down to the point where I’m willing to share it, though it doesn’t feel as though it’s quite finished yet.

I imagine finding that missing something will now have to wait until next weekend 🙁

Saturday 11th July

I went back to work this week and I imagine that’s going to slow down my creative output by a significant factor. The video of Passing Clouds was featured by Plymouth Library Services and I am gratified by the response it has received. I shared it to my timeline on Facebook but I still don’t have a clear idea of what that means! I should have waited for Marie to guide me through the process.

Sunday 5th July

I’ve spent the last couple of days editing and refreshing a song that’s been with me for quite some time. The main task has been to add a strings track. I find that particular task demanding and rewarding. I love the way it sounds today – if only for today.

When I’m sharing parts of the process, I’m happy to offer them as downloadable mp3’s. When it’s a completed track with commercial potential, I upload it to BandCamp and then embed it here. Let’s see if that potential gets realised.

Wednesday 1st July

I’ve been taking it easy over the last week or so after what has felt like a fairly heavy schedule getting TWO albums ready and published (see late June). However, I’m now starting to feel the lure of making music once again. I think I’ll start by tinkering around with old stuff rather than creating something new.