August 2020

Saturday 8th August

On Wednesday I did a Second Life gig that turned out to be the gig from Hell. I play wearing headphones plugged into the mixer so that I can check my output as it goes off to the live stream servers. Halfway through the first song the Sigma JR40 guitar was buzzing and clicking enough to be a serious problem. I unplugged and plugged in again – no effect. I checked all I could, I even swapped guitars. I hadn’t used the spare guitar for quite some time and the pre-amp battery died. I still had the 12 string and I tried to adapt the playlist so that I was performing songs that only used that guitar. I was getting requests that demanded a 6 string. It was awful!

Many folk clubs insist that performances are acoustic only. They keep rooms and audiences small and everyone is expected to sit and quietly listen. On Wednesday, I missed that so much. The guitar is just fine. The problem was with the way it connected to the technology involved in global performance. If I’m preoccupied with the technology, as I certainly was, the performance unravels quickly and completely.

The guy who asked me to perform was full of sympathy. He asked me to get in touch as soon as everything is back on form and we’ll do that again. I said that I certainly would and then retired from the scene with my tail firmly between my legs.

Sunday 2nd August

I sometimes re-visit published pieces of work and scratch an itch. Minor tweaks, balances not quite right and so on. If it’s already on BandCamp, it need to be replaced as in the following.