What Are You Afraid Of? Stories and songs

What Are You Afraid Of? is a podcast broadcast on Para-X Radio. It was initiated by T. Fox Dunham and his friend Phil Thomas. Right at the beginning Fox asked me to contribute the occasional ghost themed folk song. He also asked me to read stories that have been contributed by listeners. Some of the stories are genuine listener experiences and some are paranormal themed short stories or extracts from novels. This all began in November 2015 and we’re still going strong, with a growing listener and fan base.

I can rarely offer recordings of the stories, since the copyright on them doesn’t belong to me. But there are a couple where I obtained permission from Obelisk Publications in Devon, so I feature one of them here as an example of my speaking voice.

Queen Henrietta

Because I carefully choose songs to which no copyright claims are attached, I’m free to make the following examples available for your enjoyment.

If you would like to hear more, or download wav copies of these mp3 examples, please visit here

Lady Howard’s Coach

This is a story local to where I live that I came across in a small book of Dartmoor ghost stories. The story contained the lyrics of the song, but I couldn’t find any recordings. So I had to make up the rest. That’s folk music in development, I suppose.

Poverty Knock

This is a story local to where I was born. I quite like this embedding a song in a story thing that seems to be developing. As and when appropriate, I’ll be doing this fairly regularly – I hope.

The Lover’s Ghost

I decided to give this one a fairly contemporary arrangement. It’s a good story, well told and I’m happy with the result, though a folk music purist might not agree.

The Cruel Mother

I originally thought that there would be loads of traditional folk songs with a ghostly theme. After I’d found six or seven I started to run out of steam and much of what I found were dishearteningly poor quality songs. So, we decided to expand the brief and now Fox periodically sends me a list of the songs he thinks that his audience would appreciate and leaves me to get on with them at my own pace. As a result, I’ve been able to increase the quality by a significant margin. Occasionally, I come across a song that I know hits the brief well, so I record it and present it to Fox as a surprise.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them. IM me in Second Life with your suggestion.