Brendan Shoreland is an experienced musician in a virtual world. David Walton works at a local library. Brendan has established a reputation for good quality performance wrapped in a professional attitude. David is known for being conscientious, consistent, reliable, calm and co-operative. Brendan is a performer with an artistic disposition. David lives quietly and modestly. The time has come to bring something of Brendan’s world into David’s life. This web site is part of that process.

Listed below is Brendan's performance schedule for the near future. Unless you are a resident of the Second Life community, it won't mean very much to you. Sorry.

David pretending to be Brendan at the first London Jam in June 2011

Upcoming Second Life® performances

December 2014

Sunday 21st December - Red's (a mixture of Morgue's and Brendan's poetry & music) from 12.00 noon PDT (8.00pm UK time).

Tuesday 23rd December - Trickster's Sounds from 12.00 noon PDT (8.00pm UK time).

Sunday 28th December - Belle's Coffee Shop from 10.00am PDT (6.00pm UK time).

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